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We have a right to a safe community.

It is our responsibility to build it.

Ko te tika, kia noho tātau ki raro i te maru o te kākahu tiaki tangata. Ma tātou anō hei rāranga kia oti.


Our Neighbourhood

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By celebrating our neighbours, relationships, and connections, we can build a positive network that can benefit us all.
At Taupo District Council, we're all about encouraging community-led initiatives to develop district neighbourhood communities by working directly alongside them. We want to help communites to work together to improve themselves.
Over the past few years, we've supported plenty of community-led initiatives and we want to thank you for making our district a great place to live in!

The Taupo Violence Intervention Network Coordinator attends these events. She is always available for support, information and has resources available. If you are worried about someone, come and have a chat and we can work through strategies for help.

Where did Our Neighbourhood come from?

Our Neighbourhood was born in 2009 out of the council's Long-term Council Community Plan 2009-2019, which identified the need to engage our communites and build on their identities. In conjunction with community partners, the inaugural Our Neighbourhood community events kicked off in the summer of 2009/10 with a series of neighbourhood events at local reserves. The idea was to have neighbours get to know one another, generate local connections, and build social capital and strengthen communities.
Eight years later, the concept remains the same. We are still encouraging communities to celebrate and connect with each other, use local reserves and engage with us as a council. But these days the focus has shifted from the council creating the events, to instead supporting communities to create their own.
Our community engagement team work with community groups and organisations to plan, facilitate, and deliver events and give neighbourhoods opportunities to unite. Since 2009, we've led over 40 community events and supported dozens more, and hope this will continue into the future!

For more information about an Our Neighbourhood event in your area, or to arrange one yourself, please visit the website.